OSWE Prep Series: Intro

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Hi all! It’s been a while since I posted - I got really crazy trying to prep for my OSWE, which I promptly failed (hooray for OffSec exams!) and am currently re-preparing for. I figure since I’ve taken all of this time preparing and busting it studying, why not give a little back to everyone and outline what I’ve done thus far? My goal in this is not entirely altruistic - they say the best way to learn is to teach someone - but I’m hoping to help ease the journey for others! This post will share some of the resources that I’ve found useful, and serve as an intro to a series of posts where I outline different techniques and things I’ve learned. Let’s hop in!

Just throwing this out there once again - I haven’t achieved OSWE yet. I’m still on the hunt for it, so take my advice for what it’s worth. I’ll also probably be updating the posts as I go, so it might be worth checking back at a later date!


Like I said, I’m hoping to kick off a series of blog posts with different techniques and walkthroughs. I’ll let this area serve as a map of sorts, linking to the first post in each series. This should get bigger over time, supposing I remember and don’t get distracted as is the norm.


I definitely wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far into this journey as I have without the work of others. This is just going to be a giant blob - definitely make sure to go check out everyone else’s work on this list! This will also be updated as we go, so don’t expect what you see to be final - just a snapshot in time!

Now that I’ve got that down - I hope that this helps. Like I said through the post, this is supposed to be a living document. Over time, I’m going to make sure to update things as I figure out what helped me and what didn’t. Stay tuned, and happy hacking!